“You and I are quits now, X-men. Our paths will cross no more. My destiny lies in the stars."
Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #135


ok but really if you are literally hating on jean grey because bendis wrote her and emma frost as competitors for scott summers’ stupid dick and literally could not conceive of them as characters outside of their relationship with scott summers

then you are doing a grave injustice to BOTH emma frost and jean grey as characters

bendis is literally incapable of writing two women together without having them sexually bicker and ‘catfight’ with one another because he only sees them as extensions of their current and past relationships and that is NOT a good representation or characterization of anyone involved

i will NOT be convinced (by awful writing) that jean grey and emma frost are incapable of getting along, of being friends

you cannot tell me that jean grey would not love and respect emma’s resilience, her stubbornness and her protectiveness (no matter how much emma tries to hide it, she’s a mama bear at her core)

you CANNOT tell me that emma wouldn’t appreciate jean’s utter determination to do what she thinks is right, her ability to say exactly the right thing without relying on telepathy to know what the person wants to hear, her dedication to protecting mutantkind and preventing as many casualties as she possibly can

they could have been allies

they could have been written as sisters in mutanthood, united by their mutual desire to teach and protect mutants who cannot protect themselves (though obviously they would frequently and violently disagree on how this should be done because they take very different approaches to this goal)

they could have been so much more than the shallow, hollow shells bendis wrote them as to use as pawns in his stupid infatuation with scott summers

Yessss, someone please give me an Emma/Jean unstoppable duo. Heck, why not invite Psylocke and have an awesome telepathic trio!

Idea: they can be called the Spectrum Telepaths. Emma’s the crystal, Jean’s red - or green? - Psylocke’s purple. And then there’s other colours/Spectrum telepaths who aren’t a part of the team… so Quentin Quire as blue? Monet St. Croix red or orange maybe

Just a suggestion :)

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Look at my babies you guys. Psylocke, Jean Grey & Phoenix.

All-New X-Men #26 interior by Stuart Immonen

Cyclops by Ted Brandt


Quick warm-up sketch to try loosen up. It got away from me a little!


The Evolution of Jean GreyArt by Stuart Immonen (maisonimmonen)


"Why isn’t Rachel Summers in Days Of Future Past?!"

Umm, because her parents are fucking dead thanks to Brett Ratner.

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“psychokinetically rearranging the molecules of her phoenix costume into a set of street clothes…”