“You and I are quits now, X-men. Our paths will cross no more. My destiny lies in the stars."
Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-Men #135

Emma Frost by Kate Niemczyk
phoenixisreborn: (I just hate that Jean is continually portrayed as evil. The Jean Grey we love was a good person, she fought for things she bieved in, she loved Scott and supported the X-Men and the professor. I'm past caring what Scott does, because honestly, Marvel screwed it all up years ago.)

I know :( its not fair that all the mess gets pinned on Jean. The Phoenix is just a scapegoat these days. And Jean is a good person, she’s not perfect but no Marvel character is. If readers are going to hate on her then they’re completely missing the central message of comics. ‘X-Men’ was born as a form of resistance to prejudice and inequality. Considering it’s been 50 years I think people have forgotten that. It’s fine to have favourites but leading a hate campaign for a particular character because of things they, or writers, have done in the past is no better than being anti-mutant.

Of course everyone has their own opinions. I don’t mind if someone thinks Jean is annoying or they’re not interested in her character. But I swear to god if I have to read anything like ‘Jean Grey should just stay dead. She’s such a bitch' one more time, I'm gonna scream.

Also, I personally don’t like the 100th Anniversary X-Men Special and I don’t feel that it truly represents Jean. Especially as White Phoenix of the Crown, she would never do what she did. But it’s just an interpretation of what the future could be like, not definite, and shouldn’t been used as another reason to hate on Jean.

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phoenixisreborn: (Why is Marvel screwing with Scott and Jean? Now I need them and I need Emma to be gone and not married to Scott.)


it’s important to mention that the 100th special anniversary issue isn’t officially canon, but rather a possible future for the x-men sometime down the road. 

Written by Robin Furth and illustrated by Jason Masters,100th Anniversary Special: X-Men #1 is a jump forward into the fictional 100th anniversary of Marvel’s core characters to see how they might look in the Marvel comics being published in 2061. (x)

so this isn’t a definite thing and scott/emma’s marriage may or may not happen (~comics~). i’m personally of the opinion that emma should be on her own and that there’s a lot of shit she had to deal with during avx. i don’t want them to be in a romantic relationship.

that being said, i don’t really think old scott and old jean should be in a relationship either (or old scott and young jean - that’s so wrong and so weird and so illegal). i do still like baby jean and baby scott together, but the whole mess in morrison’s run of new x-men with their relationship and cheating with emma? i think it was poorly handled. characters cheating on their relationship partners with others is gross and i have no tolerance for it whatsoever. there’s a lot of discussion about this how somehow jean kissing logan in new x-men justifies the psychic affair that scott and emma had. i don’t think it does and i don’t think cheating in relationships can be justified. 

of course all this assumes that writers will ever bring back old jean into continuity. if she isn’t back by this time next year, it’ll be a full 10 years of her being absent from the 616 universe (outside of minor cameos here and there). i’m saying this based off of the end of phoenix: endsong, which is its own bag of problems tbh.

in my head, this is the ideal situation: old jean grey is brought back into continuity sometime after this phoenix arc in wolverine and the x-men and the baby x-men go back to their own time. sometime during wolverine’s death, jean becomes headmistress again alongside ororo. emma returns to the school and teaches a new generation of students (and she can become the third headmistress i’m really down with this) meanwhile scott goes on a trip backpacking through the world trying to find himself. the ladies make the school successful and better integrate mutantkind with the rest of the world than any of their dumb male predecessors. 

will any of this happen? probably not. 

Love this opinion. Maybe by finally separating the Jean/Scott/Emma love triangle, and doing something that doesn’t involve the Phoenix for a change, it will actually allow readers to see past the stereotypes they place on the three so they can start to appreciate the characters as individuals. Writers need to surprise us. Make Jean and Emma friends. Stop messing with Scott’s love life. Give the Phoenix a rest. Let someone else fall in love and get married.

I love Jean, obviously, but they need to give someone else a chance to be the centre of the X-Men Universe. I mean come on guys, how many times does Jean need to die? The hate for her increases every time she’s resurrected :( I think she’s so done with all the drama. Maybe she’s loving life in the white hot room, away from all the heartache.

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